January 24, 2008

Heather's Doctor Appointment, 1/23/08

So for all of you who care about Heather, which I imagine is all of you. In fact I would bet everyone reading this (including my mother) care more for her then me (Matt). Not that I'm jealous or anything, it's just that everyone I call immediately asks before anything else"How's Heather?". Well for all of you I wanted to let you know that she's doing great besides still feeling sick and getting bad heart burn. Her doctor's appointment today went good with all of her measurements being what they need to be. This is a relief for us since we thought she might be put on bed-rest not to long ago. I don't know what it is, but Heather seriously has really rough pregnancies. She is a trooper though and for those of you who haven't heard what our due date is, well it's still looking like the first week of April. Much love to all of you reading this post and checking out our site.

the peterson's

P.S. I'm also doing good, besides being envious of my wife's popularity.