Little Fish Orphan Project

Heather and I do a handful of things here in China, but one of the things we work with is the Little Fish orphan project.  Here's a look at them:

The Little Fish group works with handicapped and disabled orphans here in Xian, China.  Their main goal is to show these orphans love and to teach others about their value.  One of the ways they do this is by teaching them music and training them to do performances.  They also will be working at moving some of the more capable youth out of the orphanage and into an apartment to teach them life skills and give them a new start to life.

In the future, this group would like to travel around doing music performances and showing the value that handicapped and disabled orphans have.  They would also like to train others and spread their vision of loving and caring for other orphans.

If you would like to give money to their organization write me an email at

My daughter just told me "These kids are important to Jesus" and you know what, she's right.


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