Our Work

Our hope in coming to China is that we would be able to teach and share about our lives and what motivates us. Here's a look at some of the things we do.

Foster Care:
In January 2011 we started full-time foster caring a little HIV orphan named Lily.  Taking her in changed our lives and gave us a passion for loving orphans.  In December 2011 we took in two more HIV orphans, Sammie and Ellie, and have been caring for them since.  Our lives are crazy with having six kids, but we love caring for them!

I (Matt) teach for the Red Cross of China as a volunteer.  I teach a course called Life Education, which equips Chinese students with skills that help them manage life and relationships.  Its been a good experience teaching these classes and the content is both life giving and practical.
Also, I run an English corner that meets once a week.  An English corner is an informal way for Chinese students to chat/discuss things using English.  During this time we discuss many deep topics that are incredibly significant.  I've really enjoyed getting to know my students that come to this time.  I've also enjoyed sharing my life and love with them.

Little Fish:
We also work with a group here called Little Fish that is a project that works with handicapped and disabled orphans.  The hope of this work is to love these kids and to also show others the value of these orphans.  They teach these kids music and hope to travel around performing for others.

This is a peek at what we do!

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