My wife, two kids, and I all moved to Xian China in 2008. We started out studying Chinese and building friendships.  After a couple years Xian started to feel like home, but we still weren’t sure was our purpose for being in China was.

In January of 2011 we found out about an HIV+ orphan who needed a home. Three days later we found ourselves picking her up from the hospital she was staying in to begin caring for her. That’s when our lives took a major turn in a direction, neither my wife nor I, could have ever imagined.

We fell in love with our little girl, Lily. It was hard, but we grew. And our family collectively reached out our arms to love this girl.  We will pursue adoption as soon as we are old enough (in China you need to be 30 years old to adopt.)

Then in December of 2011 we found out about two more HIV+ orphans who needed a home. My wife said she thought we should take them in, I thought she was crazy. A month later when they needed a family we found ourselves the proud parents of two more kids; putting us at six kids that are six and under.

Our life is crazy, but it’s one we wouldn’t change. We want to share about our journey and encourage others in theirs.

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