September 26, 2014

What's Happening With The Adoption

Hi everyone,

Its been a long time since our last post. A lot has happened! I want to take this post to update all of you on what's happening with our adoption.

In the past few weeks we were matched with Lily.
Then a week or so ago we got our Letter of Acceptance (LOA).
Finally, we received a grant for $5,000 which means we have raised what we believe we need for the adoption.

Today I mailed in my I-800 application. If everything is in order we hope to go to Xian in the next couple months to sign paperwork at the orphanage, then head to Guangzhou to take care of more paperwork. Our visas run out December 4th, so we need this to happen in the next two months! To be home for Christmas would be a huge treat.

We are INCREDIBLY grateful to so many of you for your love, support and prayers. We truly could not have gotten this far in the process without you and without our Father who has literally carried us through so much during these past 4 years.

We love you,
the petersons


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