February 19, 2012

A Bunch Of Photos

Here are some photos to brighten your day; unless it's night, that would be impossible.  Sorry some of these are blurry, don't hate us.

"5 of our 6 kids are happy eating popcorn and watching a movie.  Can you find the one that's not happy?"

"Here's the problem with trying to take a picture of your kids with a movie playing behind you; they are always kind of looking at the camera, but not really."

"The faces of Ellie, mischevious."

"The faces of Ellie, Gangsta."

"The faces of Ellie, joyful."

"The faces of Ellie, naughty."  
(Each time I typed the word faces I was worried I would accidentally type feces, a big difference...)

"Most nights Heather will sing to the girls when she tucks them in.  Every time she sings, she will sing "Jesus loves me this I know" in Chinese.  I know.  Impressive.  On a daily basis I hear our kids singing "Jesus loves me this I know" in Chinese, English or a mix of the two, no less than 56 times.  Here's a photo to prove it."

"Me taking a picture of Ellie, taking a picture of me.  She has no idea that, that camera doesn't have batteries."

"We made a crown and then I colored on Sydney and Lily's faces with a marker.  I'm hoping I didn't send the wrong message since 364 days of the year I tell them not to use the markers to color on their faces.

"Lily looks really excited about being a cat. Like, really excited."

"I got in again this week."

What's your favorite photo from this week?

much love,
the petersons
Sunday Snapshot


  1. I LOVE the picture of Lily being "uber-excited" having stuff drawn on her face! Cracks me up!! And of course, all of Ellie's expressions. Too cute!!

    1. HAHA! Yeah Lily's photo is a good one. Ellie has some pretty good expressions. Thanks for stopping by. -Matt

  2. I would say "Joyful Ellie" is my fave... but they are all adorable :)
    Happy Sunday!

    1. Thanks Stefanie! I really liked that one too. Thanks for stopping by and thank you so much for setting up the Sunday Snapshot. It's such a good way to share with others! -Matt

  3. It is a toss up between "Popcorn Time" or "Taking Pictures Without Batteries" (maybe the comment is the best on that one) or "Happy Kitty" - sorry, I am a bit indecisive.

    1. Thanks Jae! Glad you liked so many of them. Thanks for stopping by. -Matt

  4. I love popcorn time, particularly Sydney trying keep order and Caleb's totally abandoned enjoyment. The many faces of Elly are also very cute.

    1. Yeah Steve, I liked the faces of Ellie also, she is so expressive. I bet she will have a future in performing arts or music. Such a lovely girl! Thanks for dropping in. -Matt "The Salmon man"