January 31, 2008

Jeremy, Jenny and Levi move in!

That is right long gone are the days when Heather, Sydney and I lived in a house by ourselves. It lasted a full 3 weeks that we didn't have to share where we live and then today my brother and his family moved in. But seriously we love them and I'm only kidding. We live upstairs and they will be living in the finished basement. This is totally exciting as we are all moving to China soon to study Mandarin and it's just good to have family around. Sydney is probably the most excited since she loves her cousin (Levi) so much, no joke. The other night Jeremy, Jenny and Levi were over and it got to be Sydney's bedtime, so we put here to bed upstairs. Shortly after I (Matt) go to check on her, but as soon as I get up from the couch I see a flash of color from the side of my eye.... Sydney had snuck downstairs and was sitting next to Levi as he slept in his car seat. This happened again, but this time she didn't run, but just sat next to Levi, who knows how long she sat there. Anyways, this is long, so we love you and until next time....

the petersons