July 12, 2008

Heather The Rock Star

The other day as I walked through the front gate to our apartment complex I noticed a huge gathering at the water fountain which is in front. This is the congregating place for moms and kids in the mornings and evenings. And as I see this I’m wondering; “Is everything o.k.?”, “Is Yao Ming in town?”, but neither of these things were the case. As I got closer, through the cracks I notice my wife and Aubrey in the middle of the cluster. This made more sense then Yao Ming being there. The truth is, people here love Heather and the girls. Everywhere we go people want to hold Aubrey and they always have a million questions for us about the girls. This is a lot of fun for us and we’ve been able to have some good times just chatting with the neighbors… and signing autographs… o.k. That was a lie.