September 30, 2008

Heather's Knee, And Sydney... Being Sydney

My poor wife. It has been 3 or so weeks since her last spill while running. Her knee has looked pretty rough and the pain has not gone down. So this last weekend she visited some Australian doctors that are here. She was informed that she had torn a ligament in the back of her knee. They also told her that the recovery time is supposed to be 6 weeks. It’s been tough for her, because she hasn’t been able to run like she loves too. We’re hoping for a speedy recovery and will keep you informed.

In other news, I’m getting closer and closer to dedicating an entire blog to our precious daughter Sydney… I think I would call it “Filling the world with laughter; true stories from the life of Sydney”. But, until that day comes, I will simply add her little moments to these posts. Here are a few memorable Sydney moments of recent.

One of our American friends here (Noah) stopped over one night this week and after I laid Sydney down, he and I were going to head over to my brothers for some Nintendo Wii time. It had been 20 or so minutes since I laid Sydney down and she hadn’t made a single sound. Heather said goodbye to Noah and I as we were leaving and from Sydney’s bedroom in the back of our apartment we hear Sydney scream “Goodbye Noah!” It was so cute and unexpected.

Well Noah was over another night this week and after Heather and I laid Sydney down to bed, all of us were hanging out in the living room talking. 10-20 minutes had passed since laying Sydney down without her making any sound. At one point we were laughing loudly about something when from Sydney’s room in the back of our apartment we hear “Guys! Stop! Be quite!” It’s nice to know that someone is trying to parent around here, even if that someone is our 2 year old daughter.

Sorry, but I feel like if I left one of these stories out, I would be doing a great injustice. So last week some time, Heather, Sydney and I were hanging out in the living room and it was getting close to Sydney’s nap time. Sydney said something about lying down and Heather told her that if she wanted to go lay down that she could. At that Sydney ran off to her room, but not before I told her to take off her sandals. Heather and I just sat on the couch wondering if we would need to help her with anything…. But nope, she had climbed into bed all by herself and fell asleep. She’s getting so mature these days… oh and next week she is applying for a job at the local McDonald’s.

Lastly, I was reading one of Sydney’s books to her one night while tucking her in. The book is about a bunch of Disney princesses. As I’m reading it too her, we get to the page about The Beauty and the Beast. Until this point I had told Sydney with each princess what their name was. As I looked down I couldn’t remember the name of the girl in The Beauty and the Beast, so I said to Sydney “I can’t remember her name”, but Sydney wouldn’t have it, “It’s Belle”, she informed me. And as I starred at the page I realized she was right…. At this rate I’m gonna be out a job (as a parent) pretty soon.

With Joy,
Matt, Heather, Sydney, and little Aubrey