September 6, 2008

Our Day At The Mountains

We had a great time today at the mountains. We headed out with our friends at 10:00 this morning and after driving for a half hour or so we were at the base of the mountain range that is just outside of our city. We had lunch which was really good, our friends ordered again so it had one surprise... The chicken came with the head... it was different, but hey, the rest of the chicken was super good. I will also say this to put into perspective how our lives look right now. When we got into the restaurant there was a group of 8-12 people sitting around a table and our friend (which was carrying Aubrey) handed her to one of the ladies in the group when we got there, that group (which was sitting next to us) held her the whole time we ate, passing Aubrey from one person to the next, each of them taking there turn getting a picture holding her. They are seriously so nice here. After that we drove for another half hour through the mountains which are beautiful. We stopped along side a river that cut through the mountains. Sydney, Heather, our friends and I all took turns jumping from rock to rock to get out to the middle of this river (don't worry it was shallow). The husband (his name is Xia Tian) would run and jump across these rocks so fast, and then I would sit there trying my best to balance myself and not fall in, I looked like a clown. Watching him made me think I was in Jackie Chan's presence. Sydney had a BLAST playing the whole time in a little area of the river where the water pooled together. Our friends are so nice, they take such good care of us. Hospitality is such a huge part of the culture here, and it's super humbling to have people we just met a month ago being so generous and kind.

'Till Next Time,
the petersons