December 16, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Well it's been a bit since writing, sorry. Heather and I went Christmas shopping this past week! We went on a date downtown to Pizza Hut, "oh how their pizza can brighten even the worst of days". And afterward we walked around to a few stores and picked up some gifts for the girls. For Sydney we got some little dolls, blocks, and for Aubrey, a ball that she can hit that plays noise (it's supposed to help with crawling). We will pick up some more things before Christmas is here, but it was good to get a start. When we were in one of these toy stores I noticed a cool display made out of magnetic blocks, it said "2008", and each number was about two feet high. I walked over to it to check it out and when I touched the "2" of "2008" it totally collapsed. And I frantically tried to fix it before any employees could notice me, but since the pieces were magnetic it was nearly impossible to re-create the "2". To be honest learning Chinese is easier then using these blocks. So the next best option is what I went with, I walked away and pretended it didn't happen. Which helped me and my pride, but not the lady who I saw later re-building it.

This next part is a shout out to my Chinese friend Lawrence. We've been still getting together about every week or so and having some really good chats. Anyways, this past week he was preparing for a 15 minute speech that he was going to give on Wyoming. So we talked a lot about Wyoming and I told him what I could to help him prepare for his speech. At one point I gave my best "Howdy Partner!" (very poorly might I add) with my best country accent. Lawrence tried to copy me by saying, "Howdy Partner!". He said it a couple of more times, then turned to me and asked "Does it remind you of home?". And I thought it was the funniest thing, because my Chinese friend was giving his best "Howdy Partner!" with his Chinese accent and asking if it reminded me of home. I appreciated it a lot.

I will end with a look at Sydney's life. So something Sydney will do when trying to get her way is cry. But something she will say when she's crying to get her way is "I'm really crying!". Which when she says that you automatically know that she is, in fact, not really crying. What a schemer.

Till' next time,
the petersons