December 27, 2008

Our Christmas!

Well the dust has settled and we have made it through another Christmas. It was a really fun one for us because; it was the first one that Sydney really participated in, it was our first with Aubrey and our first in China. On Christmas Eve we went over to my Jeremy and Jenny's apartment where we hung out and watched "The Santa Claus". For dinner we had Pizza Hut and earlier the girls made carmel corn and coffee. At night Heather, Sydney and Jenny all went to a Christmas performance at a western restaurant here. I guess that they started to sing "Jingle Bells" and Sydney when she realized it, ran from across the room to Heather screaming and dancing, Sydney loves that song. She was the only kid there so she got tons of attention, which is what she loves. Meanwhile Jeremy and I stayed back so that Aubrey, and there son, Levi could get some sleep... And it gave us time to play his Wii, which is always a treat.

When Christmas morning came we had Sydney open all her gifts as soon as she got up. Before I continue I want to say thank you to all of you who gave to us to get gifts, we really appreciated it! It was a blast watching our little girl rip open all her gifts. It was funny because after all the presents were open we tried to get Sydney to go to the bathroom, but she refused and was a little bit of a b-r-a-t about it. So Heather told her, "you can either go to the bathroom or we can put your toys in timeout". To which Sydney quickly, wisely and calmly said, "o.k." (I'll go to the bathroom). I've never seen a child stop fake crying faster then that.

Well I want to add some video from our Christmas so check for that in the next few days. Also, when I was writing our last post I accidentally published the post before I was done writing it. So if you get my posts emailed to you, it might have only sent part of the post. I thought it was a good post so here's the link if you didn't get the whole post,

Merry Christmas,
Matt, Heather, Sydney, and little Aubrey

P.S. Heather and I will use the money given to us to buy some presents, my guess is that she will buy clothes and decorations for our apartment. And I would guess that I buy movies. We are going to try to go on a vacation next summer and so we might put money towards that.