March 29, 2009

Aubrey’s Birthday and Going To The Foster Home

Well this week was one of our busiest since getting here or at least it felt that way. Outside of school and hanging out with a bunch of different people we also; got our VISA’s renewed, celebrated Aubrey’s birthday, and made a visit to a Foster Home here.

I will start with Aubrey’s Birthday. We had a few people come over to our apartment to eat cake and sing “Happy Birthday” to Aubrey. And no joke the Happy Birthday truck made its rounds at around the same time, so we got to listen to that as well. With Sydney, she barely touched her cake for 10 or so minutes… that was not the case with Aubrey. Heather dipped her finger in frosting and gave Aubrey a taste and almost immediately after she (Aubrey) picked up her piece of cake and shoved it into her mouth. She didn’t hesitate once and hardly stopped to breath in her quest to devour this chocolate cake. It was really funny and cute. The next night we went out to Pizza Hut for dinner to celebrate as well and had a blast. We also got a package for Aubrey that had some awesome stuff in it, needless to say Aubrey was well taken care of. P.S. She is moving so fast now, as soon as you set her down she will make her way to the nearest thing that you don’t want her to go to.

Also, this week we went to a Foster Care Home that is a block or so away. If you remember my (Matt) trip to the Orphanage here, both of these locations work together with disabled and abandoned babies. When the babies get older if they are still not adopted they move into this apartment to be taken care of. We have wanted to start helping them for a while and this week we made our first step. Our plan was to have all of us go (kids and all), but Heather had a terrible headache and we decided that only Sydney and I (Matt) would go. We got there and played for an hour or so with the 5 kids and had a blast. I got to hang out with a kid named Jeremy who we are considering fostering from time to time while we are here. Nothing is set in stone yet. Sydney had a really fun time and the next morning she asked if we could go over and play with the kids. If you have advice for us, let us know. We will keep you posted.

Lastly, I was laying Sydney down the other day and she asked me to tell her a story. And I was feeling tired/lazy so I told her this story. There once was a girl named Sydney and she took care of her Mommy, Daddy, and Sister. She was a lovely little girl and everyone loved her (or something like that). When I finished my short story, Sydney turned to me and said “That was a great story”. I laughed pretty hard.

Much Love,
the petersons