May 28, 2009

Heather Goes To Beijing, Chinese Grammar

Recently we’ve been talking about Heather taking a trip with a friend to get out of Xian and spend some time relaxing. Well this week she and her friend (Lisa) found airplane tickets to Beijing for $30USD! That’s right to fly to Beijing it will cost them $30 (one way). Granted you don’t have an assigned seat, but rather an assigned cargo space… and you share it with pigs, goats and horses. That last part is a joke, but they really did find $30 tickets and will be staying with a friend of ours that is also studying Chinese in Beijing. She’s stoked to get to go out to some American restaurants and shop at IKEA. So we jumped at the opportunity for her to get to do this. I’m sure we (the kids and I) will be missed… yeah right. No we will be, but Heather works hard and living in China can be tough, so we are thrilled that she can do this.

But no joke no more than 10 minutes after Heather had left I discovered Sydney had peed in her room while playing… and when I put her in the tub for her to take a bath I discovered our gas was out, which means no hot water and no stove. “WHERE ARE YOU HEATHER???” was my first thought. Well we weathered the storm and my friend Lawrence came over that tonight for dinner. He helped me a lot and we had a good time. It’s funny because Aubrey is such a picky eater, but tonight we were eating a type of Sichuan food and I gave a few of the noodles to Aubrey, which she devoured. I guess if your kid is picky you just need to find the spiciest Chinese food you know and give that to them.

Lastly, I (Matt) had a great week in class this week. It was really difficult as we started to tackle a new grammar pattern which our teacher told us was the most difficult Chinese grammar. So currently I’m studying the most difficult Chinese grammar pattern, which is an unbelievable statement. Heather and I both love to speak Chinese right now and that makes life so much fun.

'Till next time,
Matt, Heather, Sydney and Aubrey