December 10, 2009

5,000 Views! And A Panda Gets Punched In The Face

This week we hit 5,000 views! This means my mom has been to this site a lot more than I thought she had. It’s been super fun and engaging for us to have this site. It’s been a great way to get all of you involved with our lives and to give you a picture of what life looks like here in China. To be honest this blog continues to surprise me. I started it super late one night (on a whim) and now it’s become one of the greatest tools we use to communicate with all of you lovely people. Well I hope that someday I can write that we hit 500,000 views, but until that day, read on friend.

I wanted to add quite possibly the funniest story a Chinese person has ever told me. I heard it awhile ago and am afraid I already wrote it on here, if I did, pretend it’s the first time I told you and laugh to your heart’s content. (I must also prep you by saying that no one in this story got hurt, so don’t worry)

So back when I started to get into teaching, a teacher’s assistant was telling me how she used to work as a Zoo tour guide. In the Zoo that she worked at there was a panda area. One day she was leading a group of Zoo goers and walked up next to a panda and told the audience something like “Look, you can pet the panda” and she began to pet it. Well the panda mistook her arm as a piece of bamboo (according to her, because who knows the thoughts of pandas) and bit it (it, being her arm). This small little Chinese lady in a state of shock turned and in all her fiery punched the panda in the face and then ran away! (I wonder how the people witnessing this reacted, did they run like the Japanese did in Godzilla, or did they sit there calmly and say something like “She had that coming”) I’m glad that this girl was safe and lived to tell her tale. (Again, to emphasis that she was ok, she tried to show me where the panda bit her and there were no bite markings to be found) If I hear more wild stories I will make sure to pass them on.

Well here’s to the next 5,000!
The petersons