December 1, 2009

A Short Update About Matt's Health

Here’s a quick update on my (Matt’s) health. I, as you know, have been sick for the last little bit. It’s now been two weeks (and as of this morning I’ve lost 17 pounds). Some days I wake up and feel better and so I haven’t been worried, thinking I was getting better. Well yesterday was a tough day as I experienced a lot of pain when I coughed and my fever returned. So this morning I will be going to the hospital. I haven’t had to go since being in China and don’t know what to expect, but my wife has and had a good experience. After looking online last night it seems like I might have pneumonia. So we will keep you posted when we find out any info.

On another note my wife has been Superwomen these past two weeks. I haven’t been able to help her much with the girls or around the house and she has done an incredible job taking on everything. We even had a guest for about five days this past week (an old friend of ours came and stayed with us) and she hosted her the whole time. Seriously, my wife is amazing and everyone reading this needs to know that!

'till next time