February 10, 2010

While I Was Away and The Petersons Return

I know, I know, I know, I still haven’t written about my trip to the village… But that’s not entirely true, I’ve actually already spent a couple hours writing about my time and am only half way done. Don’t worry I expect it to be up by next week.

But in the mean time I will update you on other news. While I was gone on my village adventure my wife had a great time! We were a little worried how it would go with Heather being the lone parent of two wild girls for five days while pregnant, but we’re happy to report it was good.

Heather did have a couple cute stories from her time with the girls. First, it should be known that I pop popcorn for our family at least 3-4 times a week. We just love it (even my wife who in the past hated popcorn has become a fan). So it’s kinda my thing… One morning while I was away however, Heather had decided to pop the popcorn for the family. And as the sound of popcorn popping filled our apartment, Aubrey came running around the corner shouting “Daddy!”, thinking that I was home. Sad face.

Aubrey also would walk around with her phone pretending to talk to me… again… sad face.

Aubrey said her first sentence while I was away! She now says “I want that". We’re super proud of our little Aubrey, who knew you could be so impressed with such simple words.

Lastly, our dear friends and family the Petersons (my brother and his family) safely returned to Xian!!! A week ago we picked them up from the airport in a minibus. It was great to see them and we look forward to helping them settle in. When we (Chris, Joshua, Sydney and I) were waiting for Jeremy, Jenny and the kids we made little signs similar to the ones people hold when they’re there to pick someone up. So our first sign read Levi and Liam Peterson and our second sign read Jenny Peterson. I was told that we forgot someone... oh well.
Petersons! It’s good to have you back!

With love, hope and joy,
The “other” Petersons

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