March 9, 2010

14 More Sleeps

So when there's a big event coming up we make a chain of rings, each ring symbolizing one day (or as we call it in our home "one sleep", thanks Faillas). Each morning we rip one of the rings off and then when the last ring is torn we've offically arrived at whatever event we were counting down to. (This has helped us a lot in counting down till; Christmas, Birthday, ect. with Sydney)

Well we have 14 more "sleeps" until we head back to the States to see you lovely people. Here's our chain.

The petersons

P.S. Their hasn't been any updates on our travel home plans. And Heather has been having less contractions lately, which is awesome!

1 comment:

  1. That is awesome!!! I love you guys and can't wait till you get here!!