April 6, 2011

Aubrey's 3rd Birthday!

Well it’s been another long stretch without an update, but here we go!

So two weeks ago we got to celebrate our little Aubrey’s 3rd Birthday! It’s been so fun lately to see Aubrey growing up and becoming her own little person. For example, lately Aubrey has been playing more imaginary games with dolls (as opposed to her previous game of choice where she runs around all day getting into things… ok, she still plays that game too). Also, in the past month Aubrey potty trained herself. Yeah, she potty trained herself. It’s funny because we had tried training her a couple times and failed miserably and decided to wait. Then one day she just started wanting to go on the toilet all on her own.

Here’s one quote from Aubrey that made me laugh. Our family was walking together outside and Sydney and Aubrey ran ahead of us. A car was driving near them so I yelled something about staying on the sidewalk and immediately Aubrey started walking towards the road (the road I’m talking about is in our neighborhood and doesn’t have many cars driving on it). Anyways, I caught up to Aubrey and picked her up and I wanted to instill in her the magnitude of what it would mean if a car hit her. So I said, “Aubrey that car will hit you and kill you, you will be dead” to which she softly replied “I don’t want to be dead”. I know I was a bit hard on her, but I really want her to have a healthy fear of cars. But it’s weird now because every time we see a parked car she starts hitting it with both fists (I made up that last part).

I want to update you on our little Lily flower. She’s been doing really well lately and it’s been a huge relief to see her language getting better (it makes things a lot easier). She had been having night terrors/nightmares and would wake up crying in the night, but that’s gotten so much better in the last month. She also started on her medication this week that will help her immune system. It’s a series of 3 medications that she will take morning and night for the rest of her life. It’s a bit stressful as well because she can’t miss these medications or it could be bad for her health.

In the past couple months we’ve started playing Uno with the kids a little here and there. After that Lily went through a stage where she would randomly yell “UNO!” when walking around the house. And when we were playing “war” yesterday she yelled it when I told her she won.

Other then all this family craziness I (Matt) have been busy lately with teaching my first Life Education course! I’m supposed to have only 10 students (it was capped at 10), but last night I counted 14 people attending our course… which I guess is good since it’s week 4 and we have more students then we started with (and we’re over our cap, ooops).

Till next time,
the petersons


  1. Soo precious!!! =) Love your fam!

  2. Thanks for the great read. Keep it up!