June 5, 2011


Life can be so crazy sometimes can’t it? There are times living here in China that I can look around and think “How am I so blessed when so many suffer?” It’s confusing and makes no sense, but when I look at my life I can see that those blessings I have aren’t in material things, but in my faith and family.

The blessing I’ve been given in my husband especially has been and continues to be the most impactful of my life. Is my husband perfect? No. (He takes the longest showers known to man). But he is the most humble and loving man I’ve ever known. This is a guy who does our laundry on a daily basis without being asked. When I have a bad attitude and dump my mood on him, does he respond in anger? Nope. He tries to make me laugh. He has never been my critic, but always my encourager.

And then there are my kids. Bless their little hearts. Do my kids drive me crazy 9 days out of 10? You bet they do! Do I have moments of feeling like I can’t do it another day? Yep! But I love them more then I could ever express! My kids are my life. All my blood, sweat and tears go into them.

Sydney, my oldest, is the most like me; dramatic, enthusiastic, bubbly, and feels everything deeply. She is caring to her core.

Lily, are newest addition, who we call our China flower, lives to please. She is a cuddle bug and is more obedient than our other girls, but also a lot more stubborn. Not to mention she’s incredibly smart! In 5 short months she’s pretty much mastered the English language.

Aubrey is our most challenging child I would say. This girl loves to push boundaries, but is also our most upbeat, and happy child. She’s a fighter and warrior and her curly hair represents her wild side! We hope that someday she’ll use her strength for great things.

And that leaves sweet baby Caleb. He is serious and calm. He’s content to be the peacemaker of the family it seems, but he’s also too young for us to really know him yet. We are excited to see what’s in store.

My life is not perfect (or easy for that matter). The day to day grind can get to me just like anybody and at times I can forget how blessed I am. But at the young age of 27 I have already lived a tremendously blessed life and for that I’m thankful.

Much love,
the petersons

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