July 18, 2011

Caleb’s B-day and Summer Fun!

Welcome back everyone! (make sure to check out the pics at the bottom of this post)

Well the first thing on the agenda is a recap of our precious little boy’s birthday. That’s right, Caleb turned 1 a couple weeks ago! It’s so hard to believe that he’s already 1, it seems like it was just yesterday that we were in the States and Caleb was a newborn. I guess the older you get (and the more kids you have) the faster time seems to go by. For his birthday we had our friend Andrea over and along with our family we had cake and Caleb opened his presents. It’s with great pride that for once I didn’t have to buy a Barbie, something pink, or a fashion accessory for one of my kid’s birthdays. I will attach some pics at the bottom. One funny thing was Caleb’s method of eating his birthday cake. He put his arms/hands to the side and leaned his face straight down into the cake.

In other news, I (Matt), am finished with this semester of my Chinese classes. It’s nice to be done, but I will miss having discussions with my teacher about Chinese culture, etc. But my break doesn’t last long, I was asked to teach another class on “Life Education” and that begins tomorrow. I will cram 15 weeks into 5 by teaching 3 lessons a week. I’m pretty excited about it. Right now we have 8 students, but we’ll see if more join.

When Heather and I were looking at our summer time, we weren’t too excited. With many of our friends and family leaving Xian, we knew it would be tough. But we’ve had a really fun summer so far. Yesterday, we went to a park/lake area here in Xian called Qu Jiang. It seriously is an amazing area. Our kids ran from one play place to the next (there’s like 4 or 5 total). As we were walking towards the road to grab a taxi home I mentioned to Heather that all we needed was a sprinkler to finish off our time at the park. And, well, we kind of got one. Near where we catch a taxi to go home there is a fountain area (Jets of water spray out of the ground to music), and it took Heather and I less than 1 second to realize this would be the perfect place for the girls to enjoy some memories. So they ran around the fountain area for a while and every Chinese person/family that gathered to watch us had smiles ear-to-ear (some of them even joined in with us). After a little while we started to head home, and it was perfect timing, because soon after a guard showed up and was shooing everyone out of the fountain (we're terrible examples, but at least we brought a little joy...)

That night the fun didn’t stop. Heather made some homemade pizza for the family and I made some homemade Black Cherry ice cream floats (Root Beer would have been the ideal soda for this, but the import store was out…). Afterwards we watched a movie and had some popcorn. It was a super fun day that we will treasure for a long time to come.

So that's a little peak into our lives, hope you enjoyed it.

With hope,
the petersons

"Some of Caleb's manly birthday presents"
"Lily given her brother some birthday lovin"
"Proud momma and Pops with their boy"
"Caleb looks scared" (and he should be)
"Me and my Kiddos"
"The girls being crazy with their Popsicles"
"Lily and her uncle Dan"
"Caleb (with a a wig) and Aubrey"


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