January 13, 2012

School ends and cool opportunities

So let me get you caught up on life lately for us. I’ve made some much needed changes and updates to the blog. If you have a minute, check out the new photos and a couple of the new features.

This was my (Matt) final week of this semester. I finished school this week and am looking forward to time with my wife and kids. I also had the opportunity to do some more teaching these past couple weeks with the Red Cross. I got to teach on relationships and marriage, both a lot of fun!

We also met some really cool people here in Xian this week. It started a couple weeks ago when I was at the local import store and a foreigner I had never met before approached me with a simple question “Is your last name Peterson?” I replied that it was and she continued to tell me about how she had read our blog and asked if we needed anything (because of our new kids). She mentioned that her family was also considering foster care for orphans. Before I left the store I told her that my wife and I would love to have her family over to discuss it more and answer any questions they may have. So, this Monday two couples came over to our house and they brought us a wonderful dinner. We had a really good time chatting with them about our journey with foster care. Both Heather and I were blessed by the unfolding of these events.

Also, lately, my wife has become Chinese. Yes, you heard me right, she has become Chinese. Ok, not in every regard, but in at least one. She will layer our kids like crazy! No joke one morning recently I discovered Ellie wore 4, yes 4, pairs of pants to bed… Heather would say it’s because their room is cold at night, but I know that is what we call a ‘half-truth’ in English (the other half being that she’s Chinese).

Sammie lately has been trying his hardest to shake Caleb’s confidence. He’s been calling Caleb “little Sister” in Chinese. Repeatedly we’ve tried to correct him with nothing to show for our efforts. To be honest I don’t think he is trying to tease him, he just doesn’t understand.

With love,

the petersons

"Caleb and his sword"

"Heather annoyed with me for taking too long to take the picture."

"Earlier in the week the kids built a book wall so Heather couldn't get out of the room. The pop-up Transformers tent in the back is Plan B."

"Aubrey and Ellie guarding the wall."


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