March 25, 2012

Aubrey's Fourth Birthday

It's Aubrey's Birthday!  Our little Princess turned four today!  Hard to believe that she's getting so big.  We had some friends stop over for cake and presents.  Thanks friends for coming and thanks Yamid for helping us take photos.  Here are some photos of our big girl on her special day.  Enjoy!  

"Our little girl gettin big!"

"Someone's excited for cake."

"Gather around for cake everyone."

"We can't get birthday candles, so we use tea candles for birthday cakes.  Heather was singing Happy Birthday so passionately that she blew out two of the candles."

"Relight the candles Mommy!"

"Cake please."

"A bunch of kids gathered around presents..."

"I'm playing the role of Santa or whoever it is that gives our presents on birthdays.  These presents came in a package from America that arrived a couple days ago, thanks mom!"

"Aubrey got a baby baby bed from IKEA.  I think it's super cool, but I want to possibly start a pool of guesses for how long it will take for it to break."

What's your favorite photo?

much love,
the petersons

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  1. I'm laughing at your comment about breaking the baby bed. Yeah- we would be doing the same, in fact I would think about a week until the tears start flowing. :) Looks like a great time! Happy Birthday to her!

    1. Glad it made you laugh! We did have a great time. Thanks for stopping by. -Matt

  2. Happy 4th bday to your sweet girl