March 15, 2012

A BUNCH of Photos Of Chinese Food

The boys and I went for a walk the other night.  I decided to take my camera and snap some photos.  I ended up getting a bunch of photos of the local Chinese food and put them together in a little post for you.  I hope you enjoy!

"A little BBQ eggplant.  Actually I'm surprised at how much I enjoy eggplant dishes."

"Sammie looking up at me while a click away."

"Caleb was super excited to be out on a walk and taking pictures.  Can you tell?"

"BBQ shrimp anyone?"

"Or how bout chicken wings?"

"Or whatever this is? Maybe there should be a prize for whoever can tell me what this is."

"Here's the whole gang."

"Vacuum sealed fish.  I hope you're not too jealous."


"Vacuum sealed tofu.  This is for people who don't value their life."

"More vacuum sealed snacks.  I imagine that if I grew up in China and was going on a road trip I would grab me some chicken feet every time."

"These are a yummy snack."

"You can never go wrong with a Chinese Snickers.  This is where happiness is."

Food in China. What would be your first choice if you were hungry and out on a walk in Xian?"

much love,
the petersons


  1. Love your pics!!! Takes me right back to when we were there, desperately seeking something my 8 year old would eat!!! LOL!

    1. HAHA! Yeah it can be tough for the little ones to find something they are willing to eat. Glad you enjoyed the photos. -Matt

  2. Anonymous2.8.12

    joudze, joudze and more joudze!