April 5, 2012

Questions And Answers

First off, you want your blog audience to trust you. So I’m sorry I said I would post this yesterday and didn’t. It was my plan to do it, but yesterday was a busy day and by the time I realized I hadn’t made good on my promise I was already too tired to write a post. My apologies.
Here are some answers to questions I’m sure some of you have. If you have more questions please comment below and I will answer them.

When are you due?
According to the Chinese Farmer’s Almanac Heather will be having this baby November 15th. We haven’t seen a doctor here yet, but her due date will be around this date.

Where will you deliver?
We have a couple options for delivery; one being in Beijing and one being in Xining. We have some friends in Xining and there’s a good support system there. Beijing is where foreigners traditionally go when they are going to have a baby and we’re not counting that out yet. The problem with Beijing is that we don’t really know anyone there. Plus we love Xining and the people there.

Why won’t you deliver in the States?
Well as you know we haven’t yet adopted Lily (we can’t because we’re not 30, which is the minimum age requirement to adopt in China) so we can’t bring her to the States. We also wouldn’t want to leave her here by herself.

What about Ellie and Sammie?
We want to continue fostering Ellie and Sammie. We will also take them with us when we go to either Beijing or Xining to deliver.

Have you told your kids?
Yes! And they were beyond excited! They love helping Heather and remind us often that we are going to have a baby. They are also taking every opportunity to tell everyone in our life about the new baby.

Are you scared?
Ummm… Next question.

Will you find out if it’s a boy or girl?
In China they don’t allow you to find out the gender of your baby. So no, we can’t. The Chinese gender predictor says we’re having a boy. So we’re pretty confident that that is what it will be.

Was this planned?
No it wasn't planned. But we're thrilled to know that we will have another child.

much love,
the petersons


  1. Hey Guys! So, yeah, I have a question. China has a one child policy, right? Is that still in effect? So, I was just wondering how the average Chinese person responds to your big and growing family? Have you ever run into any negative reactions like, "hey, that's not fair!" or something along those lines?

    1. Good question. Actually I hadn't even thought of this before, but you're the second person to ask me this in a week.

      So many Chinese people we tell are amazed that we can raise that many kids. For them they raise one kid and have a hard time so usually they make us feel like were super heroes. It's complicated as well because Chinese people are super worried about money and I don't know if they would want to have lots of kids. Also many of them will say that there's too many Chinese people and that mindset I think would effect their desire to have more children. So we haven't ever had negative reactions about it. Chinese people LOVE kids so they always want to play with our kids, ect. Thanks Karen for reading our blog, I hope this answers your question! -Matt

  2. first of all- The Chinese gender predictor? Really? Do tell. You mustn't leave readers hanging with something so intriguing!! What in the world???!?!!!?
    Also, did someone REALLY ASK you if this baby was planned? As if it is anyone's business or as if it MATTERS! sheesh! I have 4 going on 5 children. Only ONE of them was "planned". 3 were through adoption and 2 biological. God's plans are better than ours obviously!!
    What's up with all the youngins moving to China? :) Just kidding but I have met/heard about many 20-somethings moving to China from America. Not 30 yet. Hmph. funny that you want to be 30 so you can adopt. What a great perspective. So I can count my age as the years I have been eligible to adopt :) (7!)
    I do have a question or two. (in addition to the ones above. Must know about the gender predictor!!)
    1. how does insurance work when you live overseas? Or do you have to pay for everything upfront and out of pocket?
    2. Do you have to register your pregnancy or child when he/she is born or is that just for citizens?
    3. Will your child be born a US citizen by default or will he/she have to set foot on US soil first just like our adopted children from China do?
    4. Do you have any suggestions on gifts for us to bring for our daughter's foster family? things that would be appreciated and not easily found in China? Something not terribly heavy or breakable that we could bring with us in checked baggage? Thought you would have more insight than most as you live there :)

    Thanks. Sorry my 1-2 questions multiplied! :)

    1. Hi Holly!
      HAHA! The Chinese gender predictor is some online test (I think). My wife wanted me to put it in the post. Nothing for real.
      Someone did ask if it was planned, I'm sure they were joking, but just in case others wondered we wanted to clear it up.
      And yes God's plans are better than ours for sure!
      As for your other questions:
      1. We don't have insurance so I'm not entirely sure.
      2. I think that after our child is born we will need to register the birth with the embassy.
      3. I'm assuming that the child will be born a US citizen. Although I will need to do some research to make sure. We have friends here who have had children in China, so that helps.
      4. One question for you, is your daughter's foster family Chinese or non-Chinese?

      Thanks Holly for reading and taking the time to post your questions. -Matt

    2. Chinese :) Urumqi :)

    3. My wife said you could bring tea, like something different than what they drink here. Maybe a red zinger or something. Honestly other than that I have no idea. Maybe some pictures of your family. One other idea is to get stuff here for them that they would use. Sorry I took so long to reply. -Matt

    4. I have no idea what they drink there :) I was looking at the Republic of Tea...Ginger Peach or maybe even an African Rooibus? I had that same idea and think I will look for awhile and get some teas :) Sounds like a fun gift idea :) Do Chinese people put sugar or milk in tea or is that strictly an English thing?

    5. Those sound like good options. Glad you also had the idea to get tea. I'm not sure what tea they drink either. I would agree with you as well that it sounds like an English thing to add milk/sugar. Or at least I haven't seen Chinese people add anything to their tea. Keep us posted on any more gift ideas. -Matt

  3. Oh my goodness, I am SO happy for y'all!! The world needs more Petersons! :)
    How is Heather doing with the nausea this pregnancy? I'm praying that it's not terrible and doesn't last long!
    Lots of love,

    1. Thanks Lauren! The world does need more Petersons HAHA! Heather has been sick (which is a good thing). Thanks for praying for us. I also hope that the sickness doesn't last long. -Matt

  4. What a fun post! Love you guys! It will all work out.

    1. Thanks brother! Love you too!