July 30, 2012

No I’m not dead… not yet.

Well this has certainly been the longest break I’ve taken from blogging in the past four years. It’s not that I didn’t have anything to write about, but just no energy or desire to. I apologize for those of you who thought I was dead (nobody thought that).

We left off with Heather and Caleb taking a trip back to the States. It was a great three weeks of catching up with family and getting some much needed rest for Heather. The family, of course, was totally in love with our little Caleb. It had been nearly two years since the last time they saw him.

The girls and I did our best to fill the time here in Xian. We had plenty of adventures and made some fun memories together. I really enjoyed the time I had with them.

After Heather and Caleb got back we had a couple weeks together before heading off to Xining. If you remember, and I trust that you do, Xining is where we took our family last year. It is also where we will be going to have the baby in a few months, so we wanted to check out the hospital and connect with some friends of ours there. We were there for three weeks and got back to Xian this week.

That’s a lot of history in a short post, but I’m feeling life return even as I write this.

much love,
the petersons


  1. welcome back! I have noticed that it's been a LONG time! I thought that ya'll were probably just reflecting and being still. We leave for China in just a few DAYS...heading to Urumqi. It was very very expensive to get there so sadly, we won't get to Xian as we had hoped. Bummer! We missed the Vidlers too. Oh well! Here's to more blog posts! Cheers :)Hope Heather is feeling great!

  2. Just like it took some time to adjust when they came, we need to give ourselves time after the leaving, allow yourself to grieve and remember the good in all of it. Life will seem normal again someday.If normal is what you are looking for? :)