August 5, 2012

A Light Rebuke

I was lightly rebuked after my last blog post by a dear relative of mine (thanks Grandma) for not including enough of the important stuff in our update (i.e. how's Heather and her pregnancy). So let me update you all on what you really want to hear about, Heather.

This has probably been the easiest pregnancy Heather has had. She's had normal pregnancy pain/discomfort, but overall it's been her best pregnancy experience so far. When we traveled to Xining Heather was able to meet the foreign doctor that will be delivering our baby. She felt a lot more peace about the situation once seeing the hospital which is a lot nicer than anything we have here in Xi'an. There are some more questions I was told to answer, but they conflict with a large announcement we're going to make in the next couple days. So until next time.

much love,
the petersons

P.S. I don't know many people who are as strong as my wife. To see all that she endures living away from family, friends and comforts is nothing short of amazing. I'm blessed to have her as my wife, friend and teammate. Thank you sweetheart!

P.P.S. When Heather was in the States we found out that we're having a.... BOY! So our little Caleb will have a little brother! It doesn't get much better than that!

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  1. Congratulations on news of new little brother! Glad pregnancy going well :-)