December 20, 2012

Isaac John's Photo Blog

I know that Isaac was born seven weeks ago, but these are pictures I wasn't able to post till now. Enjoy!

"Just before heading off to the hospital to meet little Isaac John. It would be a while before this smile would return."

"Fast forward through the whole birthing process and here are proud mom and dad with their new treasure."

"I know what you're thinking "Hey you slipped in a photo from your trip to the medieval torture device museum " not so friends, not so. This is the bed where Heather gave birth."

"Sydney and brother."

"Princess Lily and new brother Isaac."

"Peterson boys chillin out."

"Caleb and Isaac"

"I love this photo!"

"The Myth, The Man, The Legend. Isaac John"

"The furious five."

"Isaac and Uncle Dan."

I will be posting more pictures from life over the past couple months in the future. I hope each of you are doing well. Thanks for stopping by and reading!

much love,
the petersons


  1. Sweet Family PHOTOS. That birthing bed does look a little wicked. Congrats on the precious new little one.

  2. Anonymous23.12.12

    Merry Christmas to all, Hey, what a claim to
    fame!..A little Caucasian boy born in China,
    with older sisters and brother who speak
    Chinese....what an amazing adventure your family
    is experiencing....Best wishes to you all,
    mm,vancouver,wa. (Thanks for the great photos.)

  3. Congratulations!!!! What sweet photos of your family! :)
    love reading the updates on your family and still hoping and praying that our family will call China home someday soon.