January 11, 2013

The Kids...

So we have some fun posts coming up, mainly ones about Heather and I's hair. But I'm getting ahead of myself. It's been a while since I've updated you on our kids, so this one's for them.

Sydney - Sydney just turned 7! It still seems like just yesterday when Heather and I were walking around Target and looking at outfits for kids much older than our new born daughter, Sydney. As we looked at them   Heather and I were talking about how it was crazy that our girl would fit into them someday. Well that day is now. Sydney has been doing home school with Heather and I lately; she continues to practice her phonics, sight words, and we're working on math with her also. She continues to love her art and Chinese classes. She's had some funny lines lately that I will need to post.

Lily - This past week marks two years since Lily joined our family! This year both Heather and I will be turning 30, which means we can begin applying to adopt Lily. Our little girl is still enjoying ballet, art class and Chinese. Recently she had some tests done to see how her medical condition is and she's doing really well! This is good news, it means her medicine is working and that we're doing well at giving it to her.

Aubrey - I would say that over the past 6 months (or so) our little Aubrey has changed the most. In the past she's been our child to get into the most trouble, but lately she's mellowed out. I think it's her old age. She will be turning 5 in March. Like her sisters Aubrey is loving art and Chinese class. And little Isaac is finding her to be an incredible big sister.

Caleb - Our little man is really growing up! We got two loft beds for the girls a few weeks ago and Heather and I talked about how in a year or so we would need to start dealing with Caleb climbing the bed's ladders (these beds are really high, by the way). Well a year turned into a week as Caleb has already discovered how to climb up (and down) the ladders. It gives me a heart attack to watch. He usually goes up there to terrorize his sisters and to throw their toys down. He's been a good big brother to Isaac, so that's wonderful.

Isaac - And finally, Isaac! His health is doing well and he continues to get bigger each day. He didn't get the job at Su Jin Pao's Wonderful Noodles, but we think it's because they were showing favoritism towards a relative who got the job.

I hope you like the new picture at the top of the blog. Keep an eye out for some fun posts coming up soon and news of an old friend who has come back into our lives...

much love,
the petersons


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