May 1, 2013

How's Xining Treating Us? And Heather's Hair.

Hey ya'll!

I've never taken such a long break from blogging. I apologize. Please stop sending me hate mail (I'm talking to you mom and grandma!)

Lately we've been getting this question more than any others; How is the new city treating you? The short answer is that it's treating us very well!

When we were moving to Xining and Heather was still pregnant with Isaac we talked about how the Summer would be our finish line. The previous season of life had left us pretty drained. When we were moving we were still dealing with the stress of having a baby in China, moving our stuff from Xian, and finishing two apartments in Xining. It was quite a bit. We knew that if we could make it to Summer we would be in a much better place; with the pregnancy (and all it's uncertainties  behind us, our baby being a bit older (the first couple months, for us, are the hardest), the apartments being done, and the Summer weather.

Well it got a lot better for us a lot sooner than expected. We've really liked our new city and the friendships we've built here. Also, our house and guest apartment have been tremendous blessings to our family. Lastly, it's been a good change as well as we've found really significant ways for us to spend our time and energy here.

That's a little about what life has been like for us since the move.

The day after we had a fire in our backyard Sydney rubbed the ashes on her face.

Heather had a cool opportunity to go on a trip to a conference recently. While she was gone the kids and I built a fort and watched Star Wars. I promise they wanted to watch it.

Heather gets an amazing wake up call when the kids attacked her.

The kids smiling at the camera.

One thing I promised was a story about Heather's hair. Well here's a quick review (months overdue). Heather bored and desiring excitement in her life decided to dye her hair. When she was done, her hair was a dark yellow. And I'm not kidding our kids cried when they saw her. She then went to a Chinese hair saloon to get her hair bleached. When she came home she was holding a wad of hair the size of a large rodent (pictured above with a quarter). Sad days for my wife :(

BUT! Nothing can contain the beauty of my wife! Here she is after all was said and done.

And with that. We love you.
the petersons


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