October 10, 2013

A Smile For Your Face

Wooo!!! Two days in a row that I've posted!

So for the past month or two we've been trying to potty train Caleb. It has been a difficult process to say the least. But the past two days he's pooped on the toilet! This accomplishment ranks up there with landing on the moon, the creation of Monday Night Football, and me posting two days in a row.

The other day my wife had some loving words to lift me up. Here they are.

Heather: "I wish you loved kissing my face as much as I love kissing your's."
Heather: "Maybe it's because your face has more chubs." (meaning chubby)
Me: (Thinking. Ummmmmmm 'thanks')

She didn't stop there. A few minutes later.

Heather: "I could never be married to a skinny man."
Me: (Thinking. Man she really knows how to encourage me!)

Ok, thats it.

much love,
the petersons


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