May 1, 2014

Our Time in Chengdu Part 2

This will be my last post about our family trip to Chengdu. Sorry if I've dragged it out too long.

We left the retreat on Friday and made our way back into Chengdu to the Lazy Bones hostel. Its a great place to stay. We found out that the staff cleared out a dormitory style room for our family to use. So we had four massive bunk beds and the kids thought it was the best. After we checked in, the staff gave us seven free beer coupons, one for each person in our family (which included all of our kids). I thought this was already pretty funny and then the lady told us 'we don't advise small kids to drink beer'.

As we were driving through town Caleb said "I want to play on the green stuff" the 'green stuff' that he was referring to was grass. This is what happens when kids grow up in a city, they don't even know what grass is called.

Sunday we spent walking around People's Park which was really fun. They had a pond where you could feed fish. There was the traditional method of taking fish food and throwing it into the pond. Then there was another method that, was, different. They had baby bottles filled with fish food fastened to sticks. When you put them in the water the fish would suck on them. It was a blast to say the least.

I can't remember which kid said this, but it was my favorite quote. Let me first give you a little context. In many parks across China you will see beautiful 'green stuff' or grass. However, there is always a sign saying you can't walk on it. So when we came across one of these areas and one of my children wanted to play on it, the following exchange took place.

One of my children: "How do you say God in Chinese?"
Me: "Why do you wanna know how to say God?
One of my children: "I wanna tell them its God's grass, He was here first."

The next day Lily went in for her dentist appointment. She ended up needing to have four teeth pulled and four fillings. It went really well and we're glad we were able to get it taken care of.

On our last full day in Chengdu we went to see the pandas. It was awesome! The breeding center is laid out really well and is very pretty. It was one of my favorite tourist things I've done in China. The pandas were awesome and our whole family had a great time. I will try and post pictures at some point. That night we met up with some friends of ours from Xian that now live in Chengdu. We had a great time reconnecting with them.

Our train ride home went really well. Sichuan is gorgeous and it was fun to get to see it from our train as we made our way through it.

much love,
the petersons


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