October 20, 2014

Lets Help the Little Fish!

Hi everyone,

For many years now I’ve followed the work of my friend, Ethan. He works with handicapped and disabled orphans. Some time back we raised money for his work ‘Little Fish’. Since then his work has grown. Currently their team is 7 people with volunteers sometimes bringing their numbers up to 20 when they go to the orphanages. They are also teaching their volunteers English and studying the Word once a week. They are working in two orphanages with 50 kids benefiting from their services and have just started working with a third orphanage for kids whose parents are in jail, which has another 40 children. In the future they want to branch out and work in orphanages in smaller surrounding villages.

I want to once again reach out to help Ethan and his Little Fish project. Little Fish is seeking registration to become an official NPO. This will help their work by allowing them to openly advertise their work; attracting local Chinese to volunteer and support them (without registration they can’t do this). It will also help them to develop more cooperation with orphanages in smaller cities and more remote places. With registration they will be able to organize larger performances and events. Finally, it will continue to strengthen their connections in the orphanages they are currently working in.

They need to raise $5,000 to complete their registration. As I write this a gift of $1,800 has been prepared for their work, but I would like to try and raise another $700 to add to this. (And if we can raise the whole $5,000 even better!)

A few years back I took Sydney to one of the Little Fish performances. At the time Sydney said to me “These kids are important to Jesus” and you know what? She’s right. They are important. They were important then and they are still important now.  If you’re interested in making a tax-deductable gift towards this work please contact me at mattpeterson83@gmail.com.

Much love,

The Petersons


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