March 29, 2008

Sydney almost gives dad a heart attack

So last night I'm sitting on the ground next to my bed watching T.V. with Sydney. Aubrey was sleeping on our bed and Heather had just left to pick up a movie. Sydney climbed up onto the bed and was kissing Aubrey and playing with her. I don't remember the next set of events due to the pure shock, but at some point Sydney said something that got my attention. It was at that moment that I turned towards her to find her standing next to me holding Aubrey! Now if you don't have kids this was a combination of fears, one being the recklessness of 2 year old's and the frailty of newborns. Needless to say I gently grabbed Aubrey from Sydney's clutches and wondered, "How did Sydney get Aubrey off the bed?" Even as I write this it seems to unrealistic.... either way it happened and since no one was hurt it was a pretty funny moment.