July 6, 2008


Sorry for this update taking so long. We're home in Xi'an! We haven't gotten Internet in our apartment yet so it might take a while before I'm updating this regularly. Speaking of the apartment, it is amazing. It is 1830 Sq feet on the 4th floor, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fully furnished with washer/dryer and T.V. We have both the girls sharing a room and our spare room is an office/toy room. This is the nicest place we've lived. I want to get some pics or a video on here soon, but I'm waiting for us to settle a bit.

The girls are both getting over jet-lag and enjoying the new pad. Heather has been going to our University track and running the past couple of nights which she loves and both of us are cruising around town during the days trying to get all we need for our apartment. It's going good, you can't do much more then one thing a day here in China. Everything takes time and for whatever reason nothing moves very quick.

I will end with a funny cultural awkwardness story. So it's 9:30PM on Saturday night, Heather is in the other room working on some stuff and I'm on the couch, watching a movie, with my shirt off (I add this because it makes the story better). Then all of a sudden I hear a knock at the door... and I wonder "Who could be here this late?". As I'm getting up from the couch 2 ladies walk into my apartment, they see me in my current state (without a shirt) and let out a yelp and run out. I tell Heather to see what is going on as I rush to put a shirt on. The girls come back in and one of them I realize is our landlady and the other I'm guessing is her friend. They make a rocking motion with their arms (indicating something about Aubrey) so my wife brings them to Aubrey's bedroom. She picks her up (she was sleeping) and lets the landlady hold her. They stay for like 15 minutes and before they leave they grab some things that belonged to them and left. Keep this in mind also, they don't speak English, we don't speak Mandarin, so that made the meeting even more awkward. Hope that wasn't too long winded.

So the plan is that we are going to continue to get our apartment setup for this week and then take a 24 hour train ride to a college camp we will be working with next week. Hope this finds you guys doing well, check back in a few weeks for pictures and/or videos.

Much love,