July 4, 2008

A night in Beijing

That's right, how awesome would it be if everything worked out just as we wanted? Instead of being in Xi'an right now we're stuck in Beijing. Our travel went well. Our first flight was cancelled, our second was delayed 6 hours and our third left without us (because of the delay before it). That left us in Beijing with the next earliest flight being tomorrow morning. Outside of this, all of our luggage arrived with us and none of it was destroyed or stolen (that we know of). And the girls did great! Sydney fell asleep on the ground by our feet and Aubrey in one of the seats. Heather and I also managed to get a few hours of sleep in as well. All things considered the travel over here alone makes me want to stay for at least 2 years. Sydney is doing well adjusting (as weird as that sounds so soon). We've been here only a few hours and already she is going around to everyone saying "Ni Hao" (Chinese for hello). They like giving her attention and she loves getting it, a win-win situation, if I'm not mistaken. Well I will write more as we get settled, July 3rd, day one.

Much love,
the peterson's