July 2, 2008

Tomorrow we leave

That's right.

Tomorrow the big day arrives as we make our way to the airport and head out for China. This past couple of weeks have been a blast and completely full. Heather and I have been shopping like crazy to get all the things that we need. Believe it or not Chinese people are smaller then Americans. So I will have no chance finding a size 12 shoe and both Heather and I will not find clothes. I guess that you can't find deodorant there either.... These are only a few of the challenges we face as we prepare to move. The girls are doing great though and we are all stoked to have the moment upon us. I will be writing you all soon as we get set-up in our new home.

One funny story (because I always need to add one). We got to go to the Minnesota Zoo with my family this past week and we took a moment to stop at the shark tank. It was amazing to watch these sharks swimming around. Heather's attention was then gripped by a huge shark in the back of the tank. She pointed it out to me and I too was amazed at this massive creature. When we told Ashley (my sister) about the shark she took a moment and said "I think it's a reflection of that shark", and with that Heather and I turned around to what Ashley was pointing too. Only to discover a huge STUFFED shark hanging behind us and it's image was reflecting on the glass of the tank. Needless to say we were embarrassed and humiliated. Other then that it was a great day, even if the coolest shark was only a plastic creation.

Well that's all for now, but stay posted.

Much love,
Matt, Heather, Sydney and little Aubrey