June 10, 2008


We'll we've now been in Minnesota for a little over a week and it has been great. It was only last week that Heather's family (14 of us total) loaded into their 15 passenger van (with everything we own) and headed across South Dakota to The Beautiful Land (a.k.a. Minnesota). We also had the privilege of stopping to visit some friends of the family out in Plankinton, SD. In the end, the trip went well, but ended with us saying goodbye for the next couple of years to Heather's family. I remember thinking that as soon as their van was gone... No more in-laws for 2 years, YES! Just kidding, it was really sad and hard to say goodbye, because we love them so much and they are an incredible family. YOU WILL BE MISSED!

Since arriving we've done our best to start getting the rest of our things in order to make the move. Some of the highlights so far; going to one of my sisters softball games, playing Guitar Hero, golfing, watching Sydney play in Grandma and Grandpa's sprinkler, and our family (Ron, Ashley, Aaron, Jeremy and I) playing this nerdy computer game. Which has been a little slice of amazing. I will be applying for VISA's this week and expect to get them by next week. The week has been good, relaxing, and productive. I look forward to more time with the family over the next few weeks. As I write this we are only in the States for another 19 days, WHOOO HOOOO!

But I don't want to forget to add a little funny story from the road. Our family recently went to have our family picture taken. During our photo shoot I began to speak a little Spanish, as I do from time to time and a lot on this particular day. I don't speak much, but I fake really well what little I do know. Anywho, when my mom went back a couple of days later to pick out the picture that she wanted the person working there asked "How did she (referring to Heather) meet the Mexican?", like many before him he was deceived into thinking I was of the Latino ethnicity. Well good sir, I apologize because I'm German.

(I've attached a picture below for you to be the judge)

On a closing note, Heather has lost 35 pounds since she was fully pregnant with Aubrey!!! Good work, my baby. She will say that most of it has been because of the having Aubrey, but the reality is that she has been eating healthy and working out. Again we say, good work!

Until next time,

the peterson's

My Dad holding Aubrey

Beautiful Sydney

Sydney playing in Grandma and Grandpa's Sprinkler

Now really, do I look Mexican?