August 19, 2008

Our time downtown with my brother’s family

We had the amazing privilege the other day of heading downtown with my brother’s family (Jeremy, Jenny and their son Levi). They’re also here to study the language and my brother will be going to the same school as me… I wonder who will be the cool kid. When we we’re downtown we did some exploring, in fact, we ate at a traditional Chinese restaurant. I’m not sure on the pronunciation, but I think it’s called Mc-don-alds…. But again, I’m not totally sure on that. We also got to check out the Bell Tower, Drum Tower, as well as the Old City Wall. All of these things are a deep part of the history of Xi’an (and China) and great places to see. We didn’t do the whole tour thing we’ll do that another time, but we took some pictures, check’em out.

Heather and Aubrey in the taxi on the way downtown

Sydney on her way to meet the other Petersons

Just a couple of guys in China, don't mind my double chin

A traditional Chinese restuarant

Sydney and a friend at McDonalds

The Drum Tower

The Bell Tower

A couple of Terra Cotta Warriors

Terra Cotta Mannequins???

Until later,

Matt, Heather, Sydney and little Aubrey