August 22, 2008

4 Year Anniversary!

Yesterday, Heather and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. The whole day was a ton of fun. Normally we are on the road and at the last minute we go out to eat, so this year I had a plan.

The night before I got flowers (see picture below) and when Heather fell asleep I set them on our dining room table. When I woke up (after Heather let me sleep in) I saw that she had put signs up around the apartment (like the potty party) about me and her love for me... It's good to hear from time to time that she still loves me (thats a joke). For breakfast we walked to a classy joint called McDonald's, you may have noticed that this is for special occasions. I was surprised to find that the breakfast at McDonalds tastes just like it does in States!

After breakfast we had a babysitter stop over so that Heather and I could go get massages... They are so cheap to get here and soooo worth it. For an hour it's like $4. Anyways, that went really well, except there are some differences here with the massages. My guy put his fingers in my ears.... I'm not sure that they would do that in the States. Heather was laying on her table next to mine and I didn't say anything when he put his fingers in my ears, because I wanted to let her experience that for herself.... and to see if my guy was messing with me. She got her inner ear polished as well.

After our massages we went home and relaxed with some T.V. in the afternoon and at night I took Heather out to dinner. I made reservations at the Sheridan Hotel for their buffet. That might not sound romantic, but it was amazing, considering; McDonald's/KFC/Subway were our other options. Oh, and there's been a dead ferret in the street in front of our apartment for like 4 days that got cleaned up also, which was just icing on the cake. All in all it was the best Anniversary we've had, and I'm not just saying that because I haven't had a blog to say it on before, it really was.

Until Next Time,

the peterson's

"these are the flowers I picked out for my gorgeous wife"

"The Happy Couple"