September 1, 2008

First Day Of School

Our first day of school has come and gone and it went great. I headed off to the University early in the morning and had the extreme joy of finding out my brother (Jeremy) and I would be in the same class. It got even better when the teacher was going through some things and asked Jeremy in Chinese "What food do you like?", at that point Jeremy looked up with a blank stare (because he didn't understand the question) and he answered by going through some of the sounds she was just teaching us.... All of us in the class (5 of us) laughed, this is an incredible feeling as an older brother. What isn't an incredible feeling is when he evened the score, the teacher had us both go to the white board and they (the teacher and students) would say sounds in Chinese and we were to write them down with the tone. We had 12 or so thrown our way separately and not one of them did I get before Jeremy. He's really smart and super good with tones (he's musical) and I'm neither of those things, so I'm expecting to be humbled a lot. On another good note, I didn't get shoved into any lockers or have my lunch money taken... that's a joke (because it was my first day at school).

While all this was going on Heather had her tutor (a Chinese lady) come over for the first time today. The tutor will come 3 days a week for 2 hours each time. We have a Nanny who will watch the girls while Heather and her tutor practise Chinese at our apartment. I'm sure it went good, partly because I could hear Heather throughout the rest of the day going through some sounds she is learning and the fact that she told me it went good.

'Till Next Time,
the petersons