August 31, 2008

Interesting Meal and More

So we had an interesting meal the other day. To give you the backdrop Heather and I met a Chinese family (they have an 11 month old daughter) here at our apartment complex. The mother speaks good English, so that is how we communicate with them besides our Chinglish (that’s Chinese English). After meeting them we had them over for dinner, and Heather has gone over to hang out with the lady a few times. But the other day Heather wanted to go to the doctor (because her back has been really hurting her) and our friends took her. It was after they got back that they invited us out to lunch at a restaurant just next to our apartment. We (Heather and I) see this restaurant packed out all the time and have really been wanting to try it so we we’re stoked to go. I think it’s cultural here, but they being the ones that offered to take us out ordered the food for our group. I had to take a quick call, but when I got back to the table there was a bowl of what looked like chicken wings, so I ask “what’s this?”, and the lady tells me “Pigs’ feet”… and I look over at Heather and she’s like “Yeah, Pigs’ feet (with a smile)”. And so I pick one up and yeah there’s the hoof and I do my best to eat the thing. It was weird at best, but I guess that’s because it wasn’t what I was raised on. After a few minutes I look over at my champ daughter Sydney and see her just eating away at the pigs foot in her mouth…. Needless to say I was so proud of her. We did have noodles come after that and they were good so it worked out.

Also, here are 2 great quotes from Sydney:

Our elevator has a mirror on one side of it and so when we are in it Sydney and I will make faces at each other or whatever, and now when we leave the elevator she will say “Goodbye, shadow”, to her reflection. It’s so cute.

And the other day we (Sydney and I) ordered food at a restaurant and went out to the sidewalk to wait for our food. Instantly, we were surrounded by like 6 or 7 employees and they were all trying to talk with Sydney. Well Sydney was not in a good mood and wasn’t having it so she said to one lady that was trying to get her attention “Go home, Go eat food”. To be honest I couldn’t blame her for what she said. The attention is a little overwhelming at times.

Lastly, Heather and I start school tomorrow, her tutor comes over for 2 hours and I will be at school for 3 hours. It is a huge step for us and we are stoked/nervous about starting. We will keep you posted on how it goes.

Keepin' It Real, Chinese Style,
the peterson's