September 20, 2008

An Overhaul And Our Visitor This Week

It was time to overhaul this blog. When I started it I wasn’t sure if people would come and check it out, but since it seems to be something people (besides my mom) visit from time-to-time I wanted to make it more visually appealing. I hope you enjoy the changes and if all goes well I would like to make changes every few months or so. You will notice I pulled down the slide shows and have replaced them with pictures and a little info on us. If you have any ideas of stuff you would like to see on here or for me to write about let me know. If you’re a subscriber you can reply to the email that is sent to you and it will come to me or you can write me if you have my email (or if you know someone who has it). Now onto a little update.

We had a visitor this week, our family friends the Xia’s let us babysit there 1 year old daughter. The idea started when they took us to the mountains and Heather asked if we could babysit their daughter so they could go on a date. Well, Tian (the husband/father) was busy with work so instead we watched her (Le Le, pronounced- luh luh) during the afternoon so that her mom could run some errands. It was so fun to have Le Le over at our house, she is so cute. I have pictures at the bottom of this post, make sure and look at them if you can. On a side note it was awesome to see how much we’ve already been able to build trust with this family, we felt that it was a huge complement for them to let us watch her.

Also, it was Le Le’s birthday today and her parents invited us to come celebrate with their family. When I say family I mean we got to met Jing's (wife/mother) parents, brother, and sister, there were 15 of us in total. We went to this really nice restaurant where they had reserved a room for all of us. The room was huge and had its own sitting area with T.V., bathroom and kitchen. They ordered a ton of food. We had Xi’an roast duck for the first time; it's very famous and really good. We also had pig’s lungs, it was also not bad. We really felt like part of this family and that is very special for us.

On a final note, my sweet wife had another running accident. As you remember she hurt her back running about a month ago. This week while running she had a pretty bad spill. Jenny and her were running when Heather noticed a plastic cord on the ground, while trying to avoid it she tripped over it and fell to the ground. When she got home she looked pretty rough, one knee was scrapped up and the other was banged up pretty bad. Each day she’s getting better. But the official score right now is Running 2, Heather 0, but I’m confident Heather will bounce back.

With Joy,

the petersons

"Our Chinese Daughter, Le Le"

"How precious"

"Birthday with the Xia's"

"More from the birthday with the Xia's"

"This is for the Wald's, here they play Badminton everywhere... Even next to a busy street."