September 21, 2008


Last night I had a knock at the door.... Since Heather was gone I assumed it was her, until a Chinese man appeared when I opened the door. After a few minutes I figured out that he had 3 boxes waiting for me downstairs that had been shipped here from my family!!! He told me to bring my stroller to bring all the packages up. When I got back upstairs to our apartment I left the stroller in the entry way so that when Heather got home it would be the first thing she saw. Well the plan worked perfectly, so much so, I thought she might pee her pants, which would have been a terrible example for Sydney since we are potty training her.

We called up my brother and his wife (half of what arrived was for them) and they came to our house and we sat around opening presents. It was such a blast, we just riffled through everything shouting with each discovery. And in typical present opening fashion Heather and I walked around with the clothes we just pulled out of our gift box and sat around eating candy.... Gosh, it was amazing, we felt like we we're ten years old again. For the record I now have an Adrian Peterson jersey.

Also, our happiness didn't end their. The next morning my brother (Jeremy) and his wife (Jenny) came over at 7:30 to take Sydney for the morning. They took her out to breakfast at McDonald's, brought her to their apartment and the park. It was so nice to have a Sydneyless morning. We went and grabbed breakfast and relaxed all morning until the afternoon when Jeremy and Jenny brought her back. THANKS GUYS!!!

With Joy,
Matt, Heather, Sydney and little Aubrey