September 23, 2008

Stories From The Life Of Sydney

Here’s a quick “what hilarious things Sydney has done lately”. Here are a couple of examples;

There is a guy in our apartment complex that looks creepy or at least I always thought he did, but never told anyone. I don’t know how to describe him, besides saying he looks like he’s trouble. Well this past week Sydney confirmed how I felt. It happened like this; Sydney and I got into an elevator and just after we stepped in, he got in as well. He exited before we did and when he left the elevator Sydney said to me “He’s scary, He scared me” (or something like that). I had to laugh, because I felt the same way. No disrespect to our resident scary guy, I’m sure he’s nice.

Also, lately Sydney will try and do the classic stall methods when we lay her down at night. You know them; I need to go potty, I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, tell me a story has also made an appearance. Which none of these are true, because as soon as you try to meet these needs you realize you’re a joker who fell for the oldest trick in the book. But a few nights this past week she would yell to us this from her room “My mouth is dirty, I need a drink”…. Where does she get this? On that one I gave her a 10 for creativity and brought her the drink out of amazement. I did find out later (about ten minutes after bringing her the water) that this too is just a weapon in her arsenal, because she said it again… Sorry Sydney, I’m not falling for it again.

Lastly, I played this game where Sydney laid down and I looked at her eyes, her nose, her ears and finally I would listen to her heart. Each time I would check something I would say “good”, like I was giving her a checkup. Then I laid down and she listened to my heart, as she did she shot her head up and told me “perfect!”. This was funny to me, because I’ve never heard her say “perfect”, and then at the right time she busts it out. On a side note, I was relieved to know that my heart was doing well.

Well that does it for now.

The peterson’s