October 22, 2008

Heather's First China Haircut and Meet Lawrence

After nearly four months of living here in China, Heather finally got the courage to get her hair cut. That might not sound like a big deal, but it is. Once you get through the language barrier you still have the fact that Heather wanted to find something she liked, that they could do. Well I must say that my wife is pretty determined and resourceful when it comes to getting her hair done the way she wants it. First, she got her tutor to come with her to help her translate and she brought our computer downtown with her to show the stylist a picture of her haircut when it was short as her example. She was nervous when she left, and to be honest so was I. I just know how important these things are to her and how difficult the simplest things can be living in another country. Well she left with all her supplies and entourage to go get her hair cut. When she left I had a friend (Noah) over and I told him "whatever happens tell her you like it". Luckily for Heather she got exactly what she wanted and her hair cut looks great, both Noah and I told her we liked it (and we were being honest). I will put some pictures up soon of her new cut.

My friend Lawrence is someone I should have told you all about a long time ago. A few months ago when Heather and Jenny were running at our campus they had an unexpected greeting. A Chinese student ran up to them and asked if he could practise his English with them. They mentioned that he could practise with there husbands (Jeremy and I) and they got his number. I (Matt) gave him a call and we got together to hang out and to help each other with our language studies. It has been great getting together with Lawrence and he's become a good friend to me. We try and meet every week, but most times it's every week or two that we get together. Since school started for him (2 months ago) he has had to take the bus 45 minutes each way to come visit me, but he still makes the trip. We mostly talk about culture, language, and family. Since we are each other's language teacher we also try to encourage each other in our language studies as much as we can. I'm really glad that Lawrence has become one of my friends here and I'm sure we will be friends for a long time to come. In regards to Lawrence I should also say this, it is rumored that their is one Chinese version of every American person we know.... Lawrence is the Chinese version of Heather's brother Peter. So it's nice to have family here.

stuffed with joy and happiness,
matt, heather, sydney and little aubrey

我 爱 中国

I love china