October 28, 2008

Quick Update

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to post a quick update on the past week or so's happenings. We started feeding Aubrey food last week! Well, by food I mean baby food which is just ground up fruits and vegetables... ick. But she seems to really like it and is eating it like a champ.

We at the petersonchina blogspot love to give credit where it is due, so we wanted to take a moment to say that my brother Jeremy and his wife Jenny are two of the most amazing people we know. Last weekend they came over to pick up Sydney at 8 in the morning to play with her and give us a morning free from our little princess (they took her till 1:30). Heather, Aubrey and I walked to McDonald's for breakfast. We talked, we laughed, we may have even cried... but one thing we didn't do is chase Sydney around while trying to enjoy our breakfast, so nice! When Jenny dropped Sydney off, Sydney stood there holding a Tupperware of cookies labeled "For Mommy and Daddy". Well done other Peterson's, well done.

Also, last week I (Matt) had a super encouraging moment with my Chinese studies. In class we will from time-to-time read a dialogue between two people and they are roughly 12-15 sentences long. Well our teacher had us read it then told us to memorize it. After a couple minutes we closed our books and he wanted us to tell him about the dialogue in Chinese. I offered to do this and spent the next 3 or 4 minutes explaining the dialogue and I did it completely in Chinese. He told me my grammar was very good! It felt good to be able to do that, hopefully it's not the last triumphant moment for me.

Tonight our family had all eaten dinner and had nothing to do, so we jumped on the bus and went to the Big Goose Pagoda. We walked around, had our picture taken and answered a million questions about our girls... I write this because it's funny that this is our life. Like we are sitting around with nothing to do so Heather says "Hey, let's go to the Big Goose Pagoda", which is almost 1,400 years old and we get on a bus and go there. Anyways, that might just be a weird moment for me.

Stories from Sydney. So last week Sydney was talking with her friend Joshua on Heather's phone and she says "Look at my toys" and then points the phone down to her toys. I at first was confused about why she would say that thinking her friend could see her toys through her phone... then it dawned on me. Whenever she talks with her grandparents at home it's always through Skype and we use the webcam for it. So sometimes we might say "Hey, look at this and we point our computer at something", anyways it's funny that she thought it worked for a cell phone also. So cute!

Till the next time,
matt, heather, sydney and little aubrey