November 27, 2008

Heather's B-Day and Thanksgiving

We celebrated Heather's 25th birthday yesterday. The day started off with Heather and Jenny going out for breakfast, on their way to the restaurant they had an interesting experience. As they stepped off the curb to cross the street Heather grabbed Jenny because a man riding a bike was coming towards them. Jenny quickly jumped back, but the man started to swerve and wiped out. China is a shame based culture so it's not always best to run up to someone who has been humiliated and help them, because it will only make them feel worse. So he got up and totally looked shamed and there was nothing Jenny or Heather could do to
That night Heather and I got a babysitter for the girls and went out to dinner. We had a relaxing time at a restaurant here named The Village, which makes Western food. Heather had enchiladas and I had a burger, both were good. Afterwards we did a little shopping and picked up some movies for Heather's birthday present. I also would like to say that Heather is amazing and I hope that she is able to make it through another 25 years. 25 and alive I like to say.

Today we celebrated Thanksgiving, and it was a tough day to say the least. We missed home, family and tradition. Some days here are so good and other days are difficult, today was a really difficult day. It didn't help that my brother and his son have both had the flu lately, and we couldn't be with them. Also, a good friend of ours here had a motorcycle accident recently and has been really banged up. As you know a typical Thanksgiving feast would include; turkey, mashed potatoes, gravey, corn, dinner rolls, sweet potatoes, jello weirdness, and many more wonderful things... our Thanksgiving feast included, pizza and coke. So yeah, it was a little different. It was kinda funny tonight, because we had a couple of our neighbors over for a visit. They are Korean and have been here one month longer then us and only know a few English words. What's funny about this is that we were all communicating in Chinese and none of us are actually chinese! This is our life, and that was a fun little time.

with love,
the petersons