November 23, 2008

Language And More

First off, I'm sorry that I've been a bit lazy lately by not posting often. I wanted to give a quick update about my (Matt) language. I have a Chinese friend here and his name is Xia Tian, he speaks very little English. And I've really wanted to spend some time with him, but because of the language barrier I haven't. Well after my brother encouraged me to just try it, I gave him a call. We went out a couple of Saturday's ago and hung out for like 2 or 3 hours and had a blast. I can say that we spoke for 2 hours or so all in Chinese! It was awesome for our friendship and from a language stand point. I did bring some of my school books along to help me, but that was it. I look forward to getting better with the language so that we can both understand each other better as we continue to grow our friendship.

Well Heather's Birthday is coming up this week (hint for all of you to write her) and to her delight we got two packages in the past week, which really made her day. First, my mom sent a bunch of stuff for the girls and all of it was super cute, along with that Heather got some birthday lovens in the form of candy and a card. Then a few days ago Heather got a package from her parents that had a bunch of stuff in there for everyone, along with a few Birthday cards. Sydney got a ballerina dress and shoes and hasn't takin them off yet... we're going on her 72nd hour as a ballerina... just kidding, but not that much.

Lastly, we got a Christmas tree and decorations!!! Yeah, the entire time Heather and I have been married, never have we owned a Christmas tree. So it's funny that our first one to own is in China. Either way we got the tree set-up and some lights around the apartment and scattered around as well are Santa's and miniature Christmas trees. This may seem a bit early for decorating your apartment, but in China we are ahead in time zones so it's actually December 18th... just kidding. But it helps us missing home to have our apartment decorated a bit.

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