November 17, 2008

I Can't Believe It...

So you may be wondering why we haven't been posting lately and why I titled this post "I Can't Believe It...", well here is your explanation.

This past Saturday Heather was at the gym and Sydney was napping, so I (Matt) was relaxing a bit. I was playing my PS2, listening to a Podcast and sipping on a Coke. Sydney woke up from her nap and I slyly slide my Coke around where I was sitting, next to my computer so that she wouldn't see it and ask for a drink (I know that it's terrible that I didn't want to share, but hey, at least I'm honest). Soon after Heather arrived home from her trip to the gym and we were all in the living room. Heather told Sydney that it was time to go potty, at which, Sydney began to run away from her. And in slow motion I watched as "someone" who shall remain nameless (but let's call her, ummmm, H. Peterson, no, no, no, that might give it away, we will call her Heather P.) goes to leap over the computer to catch her escaping daughter. As she leaps she tips the Coke over onto the computer and sends me into a mild to extreme panic. I rush to grab some towels to dry off the computer and Heather immediately flips it over to dry it off. It wasn't a TON of Coke, but it covered the lower portion of the keyboard and when if comes to computers it doesn't take much to ruin them, so I was worried to say the least. To our credit (Heather and I) we both stayed pretty calm, considering our computer is our only way to connect with friends/family at home as well as a huge part of our entertainment here in China.

Well after 20 minutes of letting the computer sit I turned it on and it loads fine and then just shuts off.... my heart sinks as I begin to think of how much money that we don't have will have to go to a computer we desperately need. I go to turn it on again, and again, and again, each time the only response I got from the computer was the power light struggling to stay illuminated, and a black screen. And trust me it wasn't because the battery was dead, because I had been charging it. So for two days I randomly try to turn on the computer and to my horror it continually doesn't work. Then today (Monday) I thought I should give it a try and as soon as I pressed the power button I knew something was different... all the lights on the front of the computer came on. But still I wasn't going to let my emotions go there. But after a few more minutes my heart was filled with joy as my computer came back to life. I'm using it for this very post. I seriously can't believe that it works. And I can't believe this story is so long either. Heather doesn't know that the computer is fixed and I'm super happy to tell her when she gets back from the gym, to celebrate I have two large Cokes next to the computer... just kidding.

I have more to write because of the few days away, but I will wait.

with joy and from our fully functional computer,
the petersons